The myths behind Thanksgiving

Growing up, Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that people really look forward to. Between the mass amounts of delicious food and the perfect little Thanksgiving “story”, it’s known for being a gracious and enjoyable holiday. But is the story we learn about in school about how Thanksgiving came about and all the different aspects about it actually true. Being that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought I’d look into some possible Thanksgiving myths, misconceptions, and fabrications. There’s always the really common story that the pilgrims and indians decided to be friends and stop the feuding and therefore they shared a meal together in celebration and we celebrate that day as Thanksgiving. People also like to think that during the meal they shared, the pilgrims wore black and white outfits and the indians were dressed in small loin cloths. We also like to think that we eat the traditional turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving because that is what the pilgrims and indians ate. Another common misconception is that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in America. We also like to believe that we celebrate Thanksgiving on the day that the pilgrims and indians joined together at the end of November. But are any of these common Thanksgiving beliefs actually true? Do we continue to teach children false information about such a hugely celebrated holiday here in the United States? After looking into it, I was extremely surprised to find that most of this ideas we have about Thanksgiving are simply myths, misconceptions, and fabrications that have been created throughout the years. I myself was actually completely convinced of these misconceptions and knew no different until doing a little research on the topic. Provided is a link to a website that opened my eyes to the truths of Thanksgiving. Find out for yourself!


Is this really an app?!

This past week in class we had app presentations and I learned about an app that really shocked me. The app is called LuLu and when I first heard about it I thought it had to be a joke! The app is meant for girls ONLY, to anonymously rate guys they know so that other girls will have an idea of what a specific guy is like and whether or not to invest their time.  Girls are able to rate guys based on personality, looks, humor, etc and then receive an overall rating on a scale of one through ten. They can also identify themselves as girlfriends, ex girlfriends, friends, or acquaintances so that other girls have a better idea of how well the “rater” knows the guy. Girls are also able to give each guy they rate a hash tag, these hash tags are pre-made by the app and can give more information about a guys character. As more girls rate a guy, their overall rating goes up or down based on how good or bad the rating are. 

The only person more surprised than me to find about this app was the guy in our presentation group! He had NO idea that an app like this existed and he actually ended up being one of the guys on the app who had been rated. 

Another girl in our presentation group said the one of her guy friends once got a very bad rating on the app because of an angry ex girlfriend and asked her if she could go on the app and as his friend post a better rating about him so that girls who saw his rating wouldn’t be turned off!! So even though guys are not allowed on the app, they often hear about their scores from other girls and are determined to change them for the better. 

I’m not certain how much I would actually trust the ratings, but the app does seem like an interesting way to perhaps get a better idea of what a guy might be like. It does however seem a little unfair in the sense that guys have no control over what girls say about them.

Curious about what more the app has to offer? Find out more for yourself!


To use Geolocation or not?

Before a recent social media class explaining the vast purposes of Geolocation, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was used for or why I should ever “check-in” somewhere. After this class however, I had a much better idea of its purposes but still not a clear answer on whether or not I wanted to be giving out my location to an iPhone application. On one hand, I like the idea of receiving coupons and advertisements about products that might interest me near my current location, but at the same time, I don’t want to be receiving a million advertising pop ups when I am close to a large shopping center. However, the rewards and discounts incentive provided for “checking-in” does seem appealing. Another purpose seem to be to connect people who are currently in the same place which at first sounds like a good idea to meet people who attend the same stores, restaurants or school as you, but safety and dependability could be questioned. 

I can’t say I never use it! Often times when I need directions or want to find the nearest Starbucks, there is no hesitation to allow an application to use my current location. It seems to be an easy and fast way to find exactly where you need to go. 

The debate seems to come in when I think about what they use my location for and who is paying money to receive information about where I go. Could it be extremely helpful in defining a target audience for advertisers..? Yes. Could it be slightly invasive? Yes. Who’s right is it to profit off of YOUR location? I guess that’s for everyone to decide for themselves.

I’m still not entirely sure where I stand with this topic but this article seemed to provide a lot of information about these Geolocation apps and their purposes. 

Beyond Foursquare: The future of geolocation apps and websites

Did I just get a new phone..?

Roughly two days ago, one simple update changed everything! The phone I had diligently worked to understand for years was no more. This past Wednesday I realized my phone had a new update, and being the technology impaired person that I am, I assumed it was a simple little update to tweak any glitches. I was SO wrong!

Before  I knew it, the workings of iOS7 were underway. After about thirty minutes the transformation was over and it appeared to me as if I had a brand new phone. For most people that would be thrilling, for myself however, it means days of trial and error to be able to use my cellular device again.

It’s been roughly 3 days now, and I’m starting to get the hang of things, with the assistance of the internet of course.  

At this point I’ve heard both good and bad about this drastic new update to the iPhone. Although I’ve had to reteach myself how to use my phone, I don’t necessarily mind the modernized look and new features. However, everyone is entitled to their own opinions regarding the update. 

For anyone who hasn’t yet updated or fears no longer knowing how to use their phone after the update, such as my mother, … here’s everything you need to know to assist you in understanding the extreme makeover your phone will experience.

Best of luck! 

Here We Go

In 1993 my parents, two very petite Brazilians, brought home their new bundle of joy…me! Introducing, Daniella (no middle name) Monteiro. Born in New Jersey, at the age of two I was brought to the much warmer Orlando, Florida. 

Now fully grown, I’m attending the University of Central Florida as full time student pursuing  an Advertising/Public Relations Degree. Most of the time I’m either studying hard at the Alpha Xi Delta sorority house or working at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. 

As of right now, I’m just working hard so that one day I can have a job that doesn’t involve pink crocs and very very sticky floors.