The myths behind Thanksgiving

Growing up, Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that people really look forward to. Between the mass amounts of delicious food and the perfect little Thanksgiving “story”, it’s known for being a gracious and enjoyable holiday. But is the story we learn about in school about how Thanksgiving came about and all the different aspects about it actually true. Being that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought I’d look into some possible Thanksgiving myths, misconceptions, and fabrications. There’s always the really common story that the pilgrims and indians decided to be friends and stop the feuding and therefore they shared a meal together in celebration and we celebrate that day as Thanksgiving. People also like to think that during the meal they shared, the pilgrims wore black and white outfits and the indians were dressed in small loin cloths. We also like to think that we eat the traditional turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving because that is what the pilgrims and indians ate. Another common misconception is that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in America. We also like to believe that we celebrate Thanksgiving on the day that the pilgrims and indians joined together at the end of November. But are any of these common Thanksgiving beliefs actually true? Do we continue to teach children false information about such a hugely celebrated holiday here in the United States? After looking into it, I was extremely surprised to find that most of this ideas we have about Thanksgiving are simply myths, misconceptions, and fabrications that have been created throughout the years. I myself was actually completely convinced of these misconceptions and knew no different until doing a little research on the topic. Provided is a link to a website that opened my eyes to the truths of Thanksgiving. Find out for yourself!